The video design, by Alex Koch, plays the major supporting role. The most striking moment integrates imagery and action: Ms. Cheek hunches before an image of Theresa’s bed, poetically suggesting a woman shrunk to the size of a stuffed animal on her pillow, as her sister tries to cheer her up. Other video sequences — montages of dance floors and bar crawls, and the culminating re-creation of Theresa’s murder — subvert the period ambience of the music to suggest that today’s casual hookup scene shares the same dangerous undertow that the bar scene of the 1970s did.
— Charles Isherwood, New York Times, Jan. 5th, 2012.

/ Creative Team

created by
Waterwell & Bambï
Arian Moayed
scenic design
Nick Benacerraf
lighting design
Adam Frank
costume design
Erik Bergran

/ Production History

Under the Radar, The Public Theatre
January 2012

Ideal Glass Gallery, NYC Residency
December 2010 - July 2011

SummerStage, Lower East Side Bandshell
August 2010


/ Projection Team

designer, director of photography & editor
Alex Basco Koch
'Samurai' additional animator
Lucia J. Lee
'Goodbar' additional editor
Kate Freer
'Scoliosis' illustrator
Ethan Gould
'Murder Sequence' director of photography
Nathan West
‘Murder sequence’ assistant camera
Reagan Herr
fight choreographer
Turner Smith
‘Dogs on the Dance Floor’ video painting
Shantell Martin
‘Persona’ animator
Kyle McCulloch
roach animator
Barry Steele
additional Isadora programmer
David Tirosh
Wesley Turner-Harris

live camera op
Joaquín Vergara